Peter D. Warner, Q.C.

Peter D. Warner, Q.C.

Areas of Expertise

  • Retired Lawyers

HSJ is happy to congratulate Peter Warner on his well-deserved retirement. June 10th is Peter's last day, after 37 years as a lawyer, all of which were spent at HSJ. Peter moved to Prince George in 1976 to article, intending to only stay "a year or two", but quickly made Prince George his home.

Murray Sadler, founding member of HSJ, has the following to say about Peter:

"Peter and I have practiced law together for many years (37) - from his articles as a student, as an associate and as a partner. More than just a very competent commercial lawyer, he has always been a leader, both in the firm and as a Bencher of the Law Society. Always a bright light in any day, Peter is cheerful, so full of colourful stories and the absolute king of the metaphor that would leave you laughing for days. I'm happy for the years we shared practicing law and as friends."

Peter and his wife Janis will continue to live in Peachland, and they plan to travel and ski more.

"I encourage young lawyers to consider moving North, where career development is faster, and life is rewarding.", (Peter Warner).